Wiltshire Smokehouse is a family-run, traditional smokehouse that has been producing the most delicious smoked foods for over 30 years. The fine quality of our produce is achieved using only age-old methods and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Jon’s wealth of experience, acquired over 40 years in traditional smoking is what creates our superior products, and the nature of our small, family-run business ensures quality is never compromised.

Our raw ingredients are sourced from a small number of trusted suppliers who rear their produce in accordance with the highest standards of animal welfare and with sustainability in mind. We buy as locally as possible – apart from our Salmon which grows in clear waters of Scotland.

The main purpose of these blog posts will be to fill you with a wealth of knowledge and facts. We will go through the process of how we smoke our meats and fish, what makes up Wiltshire Smokehouse, and other interesting topics like how we get the best flavour in our products. For anyone who doesn’t know much about smoked foods, we aim to provide the answers that you are looking for and hope that you will find our topical based blog posts very useful. We hope you will enjoy reading through them.