Wiltshire Smokehouse is a family-run business that has been producing delicious smoked foods for more than 30 years. Wiltshire Smokehouse offers a full range of fully cooked delicious smoked foods. We pride ourselves on our quality and offer a guarantee on all of our products. There is nothing like gourmet smoked meat, and Wiltshire Smokehouse has all of the classic flavours you love in a smoked product.

The point of these guides is to give you insight into the history of Wiltshire Smokehouse and traditional smoking in general. We believe that knowing the provenance of your ingredients makes for a more pleasurable experience, and are determined to share our knowledge of traditional smoking with you. These guides will hopefully give you the knowledge and insight to smoke your own foods.

We will look at what we feel are the most important aspects involved in producing quality smoked foods, from expertly filleting and removing every pin-bone to trimming, and slicing – it’s all done by hand! and even the raw materials that are used.