There’s something unique about smoked stilton that, once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back. Featuring that same luxuriously smooth Stilton flavour but with a subtle smokey taste on top, it truly is a cheese you have to have on your serving board. If we’re honest, our favourite way to sample this cheesy delight is on its own so we can savour the entire pallet. But the beauty of smoked cheese is that it can also be served alongside some of your other favourite picnic treats. Here are some of our favourite ways to serve smoked stilton.

Over Pasta and Salads

Forget parmesan. We’re all about stilton over our pasta or salads. With its rich and sharp flavour, it is perfect for crumbling overcooked or cold pasta. And if you pair together sweet and rich tastes – such as cheese and pear – you get a flavour combination that elevates salads to a whole new level. Trust us – nothing is boring about a salad or pasta dish if you choose to partner it with smoked stilton.

Tip: Stilton can also be melted down to create a sauce that is perfect when stirred through hot pasta too.

On a Cheeseboard

There’s nothing like a good cheese board to get guests trying new flavours and expanding their pallets. Pair with Italian Croccantini crackers or oat biscuits that bring their own unique flavour. If you’re looking for the perfect accompaniments, mango chutney balances out the sharpness of the blue cheese while sips of Port or sweeter wines will accentuate the unique flavour to perfection. And fruits like figs, grapes and pineapples will also help to create a cheese board that promises to get your guests talking.

Melted Over Meat

If you’re an avid meat lover, smoked stilton is the perfect partner for thick homemade burgers. Melt it down with garlic, paprika and olive oil to create a luxurious sauce that will elevate your BBQ offerings this Summer. Or, if you’re looking for something more decadent, stuff your burgers with crumbed stilton and diced bacon.

There’s something about smoked stilton that puts it at the top of our cheese list. And, we’re confident that once you’ve tried it, you’ll be just as enthusiastic about it as we are. As traditional smokers since 1994, we’re proud of our delicious smoked foods. Discover our smoked cheese products on our website here today.