Here at Wiltshire Smokehouse, we adore smoked salmon. With over 25 years of experience, it’s a product that we’ve perfected over the years and one that regularly features in the meal times for all members of our team. If there’s one time of the year where salmon deserves the spotlight, it’s definitely during Summer. Crisp salads, fresh rice and those colourful plates remind us why this season is one of our favourites. In today’s blog, we’re bringing you 3 of our favourite smoked salmon recipes for 2021 so you can start planning those garden parties, picnics and family gatherings now.

1. Smoked Salmon and Avocado Sushi

Sushi is the perfect, handheld and bitesize option for your Summer activities. Don’t be scared by the image of raw fish eggs or unknown creatures on your plate. Instead think sushi rice, cucumbers and smoked salmon rolled in sushi nori and dipped into soy sauce for the perfect pick-me-up. These little rolls of heaven are colourful enough to entice the younger members of your family and can be made quickly to keep everyone happy as the temperature soars.

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2. Smoked Salmon Rice Salad

If you’re looking for something a little more wholesome, there’s nothing quite like a smoked salmon rice salad. The beauty of this simple dish is that you can throw in any vegetables and salad leaves you have before giving it a good mix and dressing. We love the Waitrose Smoked Salmon & Lemon Rice Salad recipe which simply pairs together whole grain rice, lemon juice, smoked salmon and salad onions. Throw a good serving of sour cream with cut-up chives over top for a salad that the entire family will adore.

See the Waitrose Recipe for this meal.

3. Smoked Salmon and Eggs

If there was a perfect partnership between foods, it would have to be smoked salmon and eggs. Light and extremely flavoursome, this dish takes no time at all to put together and will keep you full and satisfied for longer. Served with sourdough bread and a squeeze of lemon, it’s the perfect brunch option. Pile it high with 4 slices of smoked salmon and sprinkle with chives for an additional kick.

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There is so much you can do with smoked salmon. These are just three recipes that seem to make our meal list every single week and will continue to do so as Summer 2021 gets underway. Let us know below how you enjoy serving smoked salmon and give the inspiration that we’re always looking for here at Wiltshire Smokehouse.