The Wiltshire Smokehouse is a family run, traditional smokehouse which has been producing the most delicious smoked foods for over 30 years. The fine quality of our produce is achieved using only age old methods and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Jon’s wealth of experience, acquired over 40 years in traditional smoking is what creates our superior products, and the nature of our small, family run business ensures quality is never compromised.

Our raw ingredients are sourced from a small number of trusted suppliers, who rear their produce in accordance with the highest standards of animal welfare and with sustainability in mind. We support British farmers and buy as locally as possible, – apart from our Salmon, which is grown in the clear waters off Scotland’s West Coast.

Every aspect of our processing is done on site – from expertly filleting and removing every pin-bone to trimming, slicing and packaging – its all done by hand! It’s this attention to detail that guarantees the quality we insist on. As a result, our customers keep coming back time and time again.

The man behind it all...

“After starting out fish farming, I developed a keen interest in curing and smoking fish and first lit the kilns at Wiltshire Smokehouse in 1994. These traditional methods of naturally preserving and flavouring foods have remained my passion for over 40 years” – Jon Symes