Dining alfresco is an experience like no other. Sitting under the stars with a glass of merlot in hand and your favourite dish perched on your lap is an experience we can all appreciate. Or, bringing loved ones together on a picnic blanket and enjoying finger foods that each have their distinctive flavours. Smoked meat is the perfect picnic food, allowing you to enjoy savoury flavours and delving into new realms when it comes to eating outdoors. In this blog, we’ll delve into how to bring smoked meat into your picnic.

Keeping It Cool

While smoked meat can be eaten at room temperature, it pays to keep it cool when transporting it to your picnic location. This is easy to do with a cooler on hand. Wrap slices of smoked meat in foil and store it in the smallest container you can find. You want to eliminate as much air as possible and create a vacuum-like seal to keep the meat fresh.

Pair It With the Right Accompaniments

Smoked meat is one of the most versatile, savoury additions to your picnic. It goes with a wide array of foods from crackers and cream cheese to cold rice or cold pasta. Make sure to take along your favourites with bowls and serving spoons. If you have any vegetarians joining your outdoor experience, designate off their foods to reduce the risk of contamination. And be mindful of any pregnant women in your party – listeria bacteria is most likely found in cold or room temperature smoked meats.

Be Cautious of Previously Frozen Meat

If you have previously frozen your smoked meat, be mindful of how much you take with you on the picnic. While it is safe to refreeze many types of meat, this is only recommended if the meat has been stored properly and fully thawed in the fridge. If you take frozen meats with you to dethaw on the route, you could have several problems with the freshness and safety of them when you come to eat.

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